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    "Yoga finally showed me how to fully relax and recover from stress." -HJWC yoga student
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    "I strengthened my yoga practice at HJWC and I'm thankful for the friendly, safe, and open environment I experienced there." -HJWC yoga student
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    We are born spiritual beings. Our assignment on this planet is to learn to be human. -- Yogi Bhajan
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    "All my other personal experiences, being able to help my husband and daughters, have been made easier and more effective because yoga keeps me in shape." -HJWC yoga student
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  • "The only journey is the one within." — Rainier Maria Rilke

Where’s Your Breath?

In the journey of life, our true nature often becomes clouded by external stresses and expectations.  Our Center located in Allendale, Michigan is designed to provide you with the resources and tools you need to make your life a little easier, a little more peaceful, a little more relaxing.

We provide a welcoming environment in which you can receive psychological counseling to deal with your personal challenges.  We also use yoga and mindfulness strategies — both in individual therapy as well as in classroom format — to soothe and strengthen the body, mind and spirit.

Through counseling and yoga, we aspire to help you connect the mind and body in a way that enhances your sense of well-being.

We invite you to explore our Center and sign up for a counseling session, yoga class, or yoga therapy session and begin your unique journey to wellness!

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